Virtual CISO - Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Gain executive-level cyber expertise for post-breach response, leadership and programme development with our Virtual CISO services. We empower Executives and security teams to protect their digital assets, reduce risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance their cyber resilience.


Our vCISOs begin by conducting a comprehensive audit of your current cyber security infrastructure and practices to identify strengths and weaknesses


After the initial audit, we perform a detailed cyber risk assessment to understand potential vulnerabilities and threats specific to your organisation

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Based on the assessment, our vCISOs create a customised Cyber Security Roadmap that outlines a clear strategy and action plan to strengthen your cyber security defences

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We work alongside your team to implement the recommended improvements and continually enhance your cyber security posture to stay ahead of evolving threats

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With our wealth of knowledge and robust risk management programme, we ensure the safeguarding of your business assets

virtual CISO

Virtual CISO Consulting Services

Bridge Leadership Gaps and Strengthen Your Cyber Strategy

In the realm of cyber security, a CISO is your shield and strategic guide. They bring specialised technical expertise and governance experience to fortify your cyber defences, detect emerging threats, and elevate the cyber awareness of your entire workforce.

Our virtual CISOs offer a wealth of experience to enhance your existing IT team. They set strategic goals, foster communication with boards, investors, and government agencies, and empower your existing staff.

Whether you require an interim CISO or a long-term partnership, our virtual CISO consulting services deliver leadership precisely when you need it.

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Unlock the Benefits of a Virtual CISO

CISO Consulting Services - Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

Your virtual CISO will engage with your board, providing expert insights on security threats and acting as a liaison with auditors and clients.

CISO services - Improved Cyber Security Posture

Improved Cyber Resilience

Through the development and execution of cyber security programmes and dedicated leadership across risk management, governance, incident response, and disaster recovery, your organisation’s cyber resilience will continuously strengthen.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer Services - Cost Efficient Solutions

Cost-Efficient Solution

Employing a full-time, in-house CISO demands a substantial budget, often challenging for SMEs. OneCollab’s virtual CISO offers equivalent comprehensive services at a scalable cost tailored to your business.

virtual CISO - Separating Security from IT

Separating Security and IT

Assigning cyber security responsibilities to IT directors or CIOs can create conflicts of interest. A dedicated CISO ensures optimal efficiency for both IT and cyber security functions.

Compliance with Regulations

Regulatory Compliance

Our vCISOs are well-versed in industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements. They will ensure you meet all necessary compliance standards, helping to avoid costly fines and legal issues.

virtual CISO - Scalability


As your organisation grows, our vCISOs can adapt and scale your cyber security strategy accordingly. This flexibility ensures that security measures evolve inline with your business needs.

Go from Reactive to Proactive

Our virtual Chief Information Security Officers act as your trusted advisors, employing an intelligence-driven approach to assess and test your cyber security strategy while responding to incidents in record time.